Matraville Public School

Opportunity Excellence Success

Telephone02 9311 1783

About our school

Matraville Public School provides learning programs that cater for the needs and talents of your child, providing excellent opportunities for success. With a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, your child will enjoy opportunities that challenge and extend their learning across a rich curriculum. 

We offer flexible programs which are tailored to the learning needs of our students. Our Little Bay Community of Schools (LBCoS) shared programs extend students, academic, sporting and leadership opportunities. 

A welcoming and friendly school, we work in close partnership with parents and the local community. Our school prides itself on its diversity. It celebrates its multicultural and indigenous composition through a range of inspiring programs and events. 

Our social development programs foster our community's values of care, respect, consideration and a fair go for all. Attractive and well-resourced, our school offers plenty of play areas and inviting gardens. 

Modern computer facilities, interactive whiteboards in each classroom and innovative software ensures that every child is equipped to use 21st century technology. We invite you to visit us to find out more about the great opportunities on offer for your child. 

School information

For information regarding school times, school curriculum, sporting programs and other general information, please download our parent information booklet.

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